a network for those supporting learners with physical disability

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pdnet Conference 2018

Unlocking Potential - The keys to success for learners with physical disability

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Welcome to pdnet

A warm welcome is extended for all those working with children and young people with physical disabilities.

pdnet is a professional organisation which represents specialist teachers, practitioners and other educational professionals who work to improve outcomes for learners with physical impairments.

Membership to our organisation is free and you will be joining a group who share the same objectives around improving outcomes for cihldren and young people with physical disability. 

Becoming a member will you give you full access to our website which includes:

  • A members forum
  • Training offers
  • Resources
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Links to helpful organisations
  • Details of regional and national meetings

Members' Sharing

Sharing training and resources
Child learning

pd net provides an easy-to-use facility for members to upload and download resources. Follow this link to see a range of good practice guidelines, resources and training opportunities for pd net members.

Who Can Help?

Helpful Organisations

pd net provides links and brief information about organisations who provide support for physcially disabled learners.


Members' Forum


pd net provides an easy-to-use online forum for members to raise and answer each others questions and to share information on key topics.                                                         

pd net Events

Meetings & Conferences

Take this link to find out more about pd net's Annual National Conference and their national and regional meetings.


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