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    Jayne Bebb



    I am looking for ideas for developing pupil voice with pd students beyond the token “I like  sand and playtime/ don’t like  maths” stuff scribed by a TA on a sheet of paper – lip service only really.

    I am sure I have heard of pioneering work in East London using ipads to make pupil voice interactive. However I can’t remember where to find this.

    Do any colleagues have ideas which work well please? Thanks Jayne



    Ruth McMorran

    Some schools use ‘Talking Mats’ which can be very successful.


    Clair Warner

    Good Evening All

    I think I may be the East London lady you are talking about

    This was a focus for our Service last school year and we have lots of resources made both physical and IT based

    I have a team meeting next Mon and we will find a way to share some of what we have done

    I have a Powerpoint summing up the project too – this may be a good starting point

    I will see if I can upload something before the end of term

    Have a good week everybody

    Clair  ( Redbridge LEA)


    Jayne Bebb

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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