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    Kate Hebson

    Just wondering if anyone has made a resource like this? I’m thinking almost like the Incredible 5 Point Scale idea? My Year R pupils get to the point of exhaustion (and the fall out is felt at home) and could do with some support for learning self regulation.



    Anne Killick

    In my area OTs sometimes refer to ‘a battery’ and levels of fatigue, needing recharge as battery drains, etc. I think they have visuals for this, but I do not have a copy. Would your OTs have something similar and be able to help?


    Lucy Daullah


    This is the link to the feelings thermometer that I use quite a lot

    I have also done it where the child has photo’s of themselves when they are feeling different things that they can use as cue cards for when fatigue/pain is creeping up. You then have agreed strategies for each emotion/level of fatigue. I think  it’s good to have a non verbal way of them expressing how they’re feeling.

    Hope this helps



    Lyn Vines


    this is an idea I use with slightly older pupils but may work with a younger child . Instead of  a standard  battery I use the idea of ‘your energy is like a laptop battery’- looking at all the things that happen in a day to drain that. – both physical(physio etc.) and learning/thinking tasks.

    Visuals include adding pictures of what the child has done that day. I can also include in this the importance of eating and drinking to boost energy levels etc. if necessary.

    Sleep/resting gets included too as that  the battery re-charging – stressing the importance of good sleep.


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