pdnet Conference 2023

Revisit sessions

Session 1

Welcome and introduction to this year's pdnet conference 'Expanding Horizons for children and young people with physical disability' by Jane Carter.

Session 2

Annamaire Hassell MBE – nasen

Annamarie Hassall is Chief Executive of nasen – the national association for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) which champions, connects and supports those working in the education community – from the early years to schools, post-16, specialist schools and wider settings, with and for children and young people with SEND and learning differences. Annamarie has held local, national and government advisory roles that span the breadth of education, children'zs social care, early years and SEND.

Session 3

Harriet Marshall – LYFTA

Dr Harriet Marshall is Director of Education Impact at Lyfta and has worked in the field of global education for over 20 years as a teacher, researcher, consultant and project leader. Harriet has a PhD in the movement for global learning (Cambridge, 2005) and has published and presented on global citizenship education, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, intergenerational learning and sustainable wellbeing nationally and internationally. Harriet is a founding ambassador of the global educator movement #TeachSDGs, was a National Leader on the Global Learning Programme and is a fellow of the RSA.

Session 4

pdnet Showcase

Led by Di Caeser and Jane Carter, an overview of pdnet 2023.

Session 5

Clair Warner – Redbridge

Clair is currently one of the Managers of S.E.a.T.S.S., which is one of the largest LA Advisory services in the UK based in east London, managing a team of over 100 specialist teachers, HLTAs, etc., and supporting over 100 schools. Clair's background lies working with PD and the most complex students, with real passions for students who have dystrophy, epilepsy and dyspraxia. Clair works for Action Duchenne and annually is a keynote speaker looking at how education can support students with MD. Clair also lectures on PGCE courses, ensuring that all new teachers have a good understanding of PD and SEND needs.

Session 6

Rachel Smith-Ruffle - The Wonky Artist

Following an accident at the age of 23, Rachel was left with a spinal injury and faces the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Her injury also means she cannot move her fingers. Twenty years on, in 2018, Rachel developed a pressure sore which meant she had to be on complete bed rest. Naturally this really brought Rachel down, and, as she needed to find a different purpose, she started painting, lying on her side in bed and holding the brush two-handed. She turned her story around and is now an international artist. The Wonky Artsit is a story of resilience over adversity and an individual painting style.

Session 7

Joanna Fashan and Nicola Moody - Whizz Kidz

Jo has been with Whizz Kidz for eight years in both a delivery and leadership capacity. Jo leads the recently formed Engagement & Policy Team; the team is responsible for sharing the voice of young wheelchair users and campaigning for change in areas including NHS wheelchair provision, transport, education and employment. Nicola has worked with children and young people in a professional and voluntary context for just over 20 years. She is currently the Service Delivery Manager for the North of England for Whizz Kidz, managing activity programmes, wheelchair skills training and the employability offer in the region. She leads nationally in the development and delivery of the wheelchair skills training programme and has recently been part of the team who gained centre status with the Skills & Education Group.

Session 8

Monique Dior Jarrett – Stopgap Dance Company

Monique Dior Jarrett is a model, body-positive activist, influencer, Models of Diversity Ambassador, one of five company Directors at TripleC and a wheelchair dancer who is a National and International Champion who performed with the company in 2021 at the Paralympic Team GB Homecoming Celebration. Monique has worked as a supporting artist on Hollyoaks and some BBC TV series. She has featured in national advertising campaigns including: Pharmacy2U, Facebook, Northern Rail, Daily Paper, Dove, Refinary29 and more. Above all, Monique is passionate about changing the narrative of people with disabilities, educating and supporting others and providing true representation in the media so that, in the future, people's talents are recognised before anything else.