a network for those supporting learners with physical disability

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pd net exists as an inclusive membership network for all those who support the learning of physically disabled children and young people in schools. 

pd net is FREE to join.

All we ask is for you to register your details with the network below. This will then provide you with full access to the facilities of this website and to regional and national pd net activities.

       pd net members fulfil a number of roles, including:

  • Teachers and support staff who support the needs of learners with physical disability in schools
  • Specialist advisers with local authorities and other organisations who provide a support role to schools
  • Organisations that have a specialist offer to support schools with the quality of education for learners with physical disability                                

       pd net seeks to serve as an umbrella network and supportive forum for its members, providing access to                        resources, events and mutual support as we seek to do our best for children and young people              

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