The pdnet Expert Advisory Board (EAB) exists to provide expertise and advice to support the pdnet project team to deliver DfE contract and ensure effective practice is maintained throughout.

Role and Responsibilities

EAB members represent the views and serve as a voice/champion for the key sectors they have been chosen to represent (see membership table below). They provide guidance to the project and drive the vision, values and strategic direction of specific work streams and monitor delivery. They offer guidance and act as a critical friend to support and promote the objectives and activities relating to the DfE contract. They will provide professional expertise to support the project team by working collaboratively as a strategic group and acting as ambassadors for pdnet. The board members attend meetings and are in frequent communication with the project team as required.

In particular, the Expert Advisory Board responsibilities are:

  • To advise the contract holder (SDSA) on how best to fulfil the requirements and objectives within the agreed timescale and budget
  • Identify a pool of professionals to commission work to deliver parts of the contract
  • Review and monitor the work of the project team to ensure KPI’s are achieved and on a timely

Signposting work to other Professionals

It may be that a member of the board may know of another professional better placed to provide support and this is welcomed. To do this, you should liaise with the project team who will share the relevant information with you.

Working parties

There may be a time where it is appropriate, and best practice to set up working party meeting around a specific focus, which will be arranged by the project team. They will report to the Expert Advisory Board as necessary.

Board membership

Members are drawn from various backgrounds within the sector in order maintain an effective balance of expertise, skills, knowledge and experience. Our board members are:

Name Organisation Representing
Zara Bowden NNCPF Parent/carer
Di Caesar Gloucestershire County Council pdnet National Committee Chair, pdnet Project Manager and LA representative
Jane Carter Warwickshire County Council pdnet National Committee Vice Chair, LA Representative, NAHT and pdnet Project Team
Peter Chilvers SDSA pdnet Contract Holder
Harry Dicks Treloars and NAHT SEND Special Schools 0-25
Nicole Dishington SDSA pdnet Project Team
Kate Drurey SDSA pdnet Project Team
Joanna Fashan Whizz Kidz Voluntary Sector
Clare Howard Natspec FE/ Post 16
Martin Littler Inclusive Technology IT Specialism
Jon Sawford Whizz Kidz Voluntary Sector
Emma Sheasby SDSA pdnet Project Team
Rebecca Smith SDSA pdnet Project Team
Vacant Disability Networks
Vacant Early Years
Vacant Mainstream Primary