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Accessibility Toolkit

This Toolkit aims to support you and your colleagues to effectively evaluate how accessible your school is and plan to improve access for people, particularly those with a physical disability.

It is designed to guide you through the process of understanding your school’s legal duties and responsibilities, reviewing your existing Accessibility Plan, thinking about what your school currently does well, thinking about how you might improve access and participation, and writing a robust and dynamic plan that is sustainable over the subsequent years.

‘This is a fantastic resource which will make the process of developing and writing a school accessibility plan clear and straightforward. The presentation is engaging, and the interactive PDF format allows users to make and save their own notes in the document. The suite of supporting resources is particularly helpful, even including a powerpoint presentation to use for staff consultation, as well as case studies, templates and a self-evaluation tool.’

- Professor Adam Boddison, CEO of nasen and Chair of Whole School SEND, Alex Grady, Interim Head of Whole School SEND

The main component of the pdnet Accessibility Planning Toolkit is an interactive PDF workbook, which houses all of the information you’ll need in an accessible, easy to use format. The workbook includes:

  • Knowledge and guidance to support accessibility planning
  • Opportunities to reflect and record current school practice
  • Case Study examples, relating specifically to supporting learners with a physical disability
  • Links to supporting resources, including editable templates and training materials

Each section of the workbook considers a key aspect of accessibility planning, then gives the opportunity to ‘reflect, respond and react’ to what the information means for your school. You are able to type your response directly into the PDF.

By following the steps outlined in this toolkit you will have clear thinking and a strong plan in place for your school that enables learners with a physical disability achieve great outcomes, helped and not hindered by accessibility of your premises and curriculum.

If you were unable to attend the pdnet Accessibility Toolkit Launch Event, please click on the link below to view the recording.


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