pdnet is a free to join, national network that provides professionals in education with support in promoting positive outcomes for children and young people with a physical disability.

We have a strong commitment to developing and sharing effective educational practice and pedagogy for learners with physical disability.


pdnet was formed in 1999 as NNATPIP (National Network of Advisory Teachers for Physically Impaired Pupils) and changed its name in 2014 to pdnet to reflect the changing group membership. pdnet operates at a regional and national level, supporting and developing good practice between professionals in the sector.

Our vision

Our vision is for children and young people with physical disability to achieve as much as other learners at every phase of education, from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Post-16 studies.

We want these children and young people to:

  • Be fully included in their school/learning community
  • Actively take part in high quality learning activities with their peers
  • Thrive and enjoy learning
  • Develop knowledge and skills so they can go on to lead fulfilled lives as adults
  • Be empowered, confident and able to function as independently as possible

Our aims

  • Build a network of professionals which reflects the views of its members
  • Provide the means and opportunities for members to disseminate and share expertise, knowledge and air concerns
  • Contribute to the formulation and development of policy and knowledge in the physical disability sector at a local and national level
  • Improve outcomes for learners with physical disability, allowing each individual to meet their full potential

We believe that:

  • Diversity should be valued, respected and enabled within the education system
  • With the right support and knowledge, children and young people with a physical disability can achieve as much as other children
  • Learners with a physical disability are equally entitled to take an active part in a broad education