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pdnet Level 1 Training

Raising Awareness of Physical Disability

These free online training modules are designed for anyone working within an educational setting who needs to develop their awareness and understanding of physical disability and the impact it can have on learning.


   60 minutes


pdnet Level 2 Training

Supporting Learners with Physical Disability

This online training is designed to provide support staff with knowledge and understanding of the most common physical disabilities and covers the principles and core skills needed to provide effective support in an education setting.


   12 hours


Supporting Young People with a Physical Disability in the Post-16 Education and Training Sector

This free online resource is for all staff working in the Further Education and Training sector who want to increase their understanding of how to support learners with physical disabilities effectively.


   20 mins


Accessibility Toolkit

Complete Your Accessibility Plan

Everything a school or college needs to complete or review their Accessibility Plan. This toolkit includes a step-by-step guide, illustrative case studies, supporting resources, editable templates and training materials.


Transitions Training

Free online training

This training provides a step-by-step guide for schools to manage the transition of learners with a physical disability between one school setting to another.


   30 minutes


Making It Happen!

pdnet Outcomes Training

Achieving good outcomes for learners with physical disability.


   30 min