There are almost 33,500 children and young people with physical disability within our education system. Each one of these learners has a unique set of needs which affects their access to and engagement in learning tasks and activities.

Responding to these individual needs and overcoming barriers to learning doesn’t happen automatically. It needs informed and imaginative problem-solving, at an individual and organisational level, and for the educational setting, the learner, their family and the professional team around them to work together to develop personalised solutions.

The pdnet ‘Standards for Children and Young People with Physical Disability’ enable staff in educational settings, both mainstream and special, to meet the unique needs of learners with physical disability as well as other non-disabled peers and to support “every teacher to develop as a teacher of children and young people with SEN and disabilities.


Tip! The Standards work most effectively when you download and view them in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will also allow you to input and save information to revisit at a later date. If you input any information whilst viewing the Standards in your web browser this will not be saved.


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